Happy New Year

It’s such a beautiful but scary thing to be completely unaware of what the future holds…I’ve learned more in 2012 then I have in any other year (It followed well after the hot mess that was 2011 in its entirety). With that being said, I’m welcoming 2013 with open arms…and I hope to apply everything I have learned to my own self sufficiency, inner peace, freedom, happiness, independence, love, joy…..

And to any who have chosen to read this, may God bless you and yours. I wish you and this world peace, love, happiness, laughter and faith.


howdie doo baby boo

howdie doo baby boo

I’m so happy y’all

Inconsistent people

you know how to get under my skin and stay there.

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practicing my fake smiles/smize [when I should be writing my paper]

Home is where the heart is.

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It’s just me and my God.

in one of those moods…

& I turned to tumblr to let go.

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I miss Irene Wu.

Just because.

Aster Aweke- the QUEEN of everything Ethiopian music. Her being is a revolution. she is so versatile, so unique, so daring. She has done so much for Ethiopian music, in my eyes, & she deserves the praise. Can’t wait to meet her one day!

Tilahun Gessesse- the epitome of Ethiopian music. He truly loved his country, that’s for sure. His music is timeless. Legend. RIP

Mahmoud Ahmed- his music does something for me. His voice is so soothing and his love songs are timeless.

Teddy Afro- clearly by far has had the greatest impact on Ethiopian music, at least in this generation. He has been such an inspiration to Ethiopians at difficult times (with his song Yasteseryal) and this impact was evident when people united to fight for him while he was in jail. His music is superb as is his voice! His only downfall was when I met him and he was acting like a little diva/brat. -_-

Manalmosh Dibo- she had that authentic Ethi voice, where she can sing Gondar/Gojam/Wollo songs and get away with it. Her voice can get anyone hype, and she always seemed so approachable in her music videos. Matter of fact I met her and she’s so down to earth. I named my build a bear after her :) lover her. May she rest in peace!

Tadese Alemu- most traditional artist hands down. I feel like I grew up off his music. I absolutely adore him. His wedding album is THE ish. Definitely the best to date, then comes Tsegaye Eshetu. His music can get anyone to get up and dance. Beautiful. RIP

Hamelmale Abate- beautiful voice, beautiful music. LIVE performer.

Zeritu Kebede- very daring artist and I appreciate her for this. She kinda tries to be the queen Aster Aweke’s protege with her eccentricity, but she pulls it off well.

Eyob Mekonnen- !!! His incorporation of reggae into Ethiopian music just makes my heart happy. Not your average Ethio male singer, love it.

Tamirat Desta- if I could marry his voice alone, I would. He can saangg. His lyrics are great too. Some may be basic, but they’re great nonetheless…doubt he writes his own music tho :)

Tibebu Workeye- I would marry his voice too. Amazing. He’s miskeen. Lol

Helen Berhe- barely has many songs out but she is still great. Her voice is unique…and she looks like Beyonce! :)

Tigist Fantahun- Love her!! Her songs are so “girly” and so fun to sing along too.

Hibist Tiruneh- really really like some of her songs

…because I can’t sleep…

Some of my favorite Ethiopian Artists! Hopefully I didn’t forget anyone. I love love love Ethiopian music. Sometimes even more than American music. Habesha or not you should check it out. For starters, listen to GiGi- Americans seem to love her :)

No rumblr on my tumblr :/ Sadday, I haven’t been on here for a while. Welp, s/o to being back on my school grind!

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I’m in need of another getaway.

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